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1on1 Championship 2K18 – 1st Semis: Slim Lillo VS Young Jelly

We all remember this unforgettable match.. the first semis of the 1on1 tournament powered by Verse One Federation during the 2k18 Finals. Nicolò Bosis a.k.a. YOUNG JELLY, a rookie both in the tournament and in […]

PODCAST – Big Booties Streetball @ Urban Nights – RCS Radio

Hey homies! Like we said, we been guests of RCS Radio on friday night, guys @ Small Ball invited us for the new FUNK SHOT format, hosted by Urban Nights, that will talk […]

ON AIR tonight! Interview for URBAN NIGHTS

Hey folks! This evening at 9 PM we’re gonna be live on RCS radio (FM 93.9)! FUNK SHOT! is the format, URBAN NIGHTS the broadcast, and those are the frequencies. […]

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If you don't know what is to leave the court crying, if you don't know what is to leave the basketball court bleedin', then you don't really understand basketball.
Pee Wee Kirkland, NYC Playground Legend