Eight edition of the “Playground Finest”, how could you believe to spend the summer without the most urban blacktop in Milan?

We’ve heard a lot of things about the Tournament in these years, but you can simply ask at the ones who have already played it and they know everything about it… a time window in the summer with a mood that you can’t find elsewhere.

These are the ingredients:

– 3on3 streetball;
– bass music powered by a different DJ every night, who mixes non-stop to pump up the players;
– a court designed by guys who make and create art as an occupation;
– hype commentary by the headquarter;
– pro media coverage with pics, videos and social media content;
– badass merch produced to the last detail with the collaboration of the best designers in the area;
– high-quality draft beer at an accessible price;
– this year there will be also high-quality street food!




July 2nd (8:45pm – 12am) – group A
July 3rd (8:45pm – 12am) – group B
July 9th (8:45pm – 12am) – group C
July 10th (8:45pm – 12am) – group D

Saturday, July 14th (7pm – 1am)

Right here we have the most interesting news, infact the Finals will be moved to the court located in Vaprio d’Adda. It won’t be just a basketball event, but a real urban event with a street art session powered by Graffitishop and Montana Colors, the playground open to the public in the afternoon with music and bar service, the collaboration of different street artists and from 6pm the 1on1 tournament powered by Verse One Federation for the MVP title and the final round of the Tournament to determine this year’s best team.



400€ ca$h
400€ in vouchers by Slam Dunk ball shop

100€ in vouchers by Slam Dunk ball shop
250€ in vouchers by for a tattoo Bitter ink tattoo shop
150€ in merch by Runngun Intl

100€ in vouchers by Slam Dunk ball shop
150€ in vouchers for a tattoo by Bitter ink tattoo shop
50€ in vouchers for a piercing by Bitter ink tattoo shop
150€ in merch by Runngun Intl