Hey hey fams!

Yesterday night guys @ La Birreria Trezzo hosted our website launch party. 

We need to thank them a lot on being the cool guys they are, giving us the chance to reunite the Big Booties family for one night during the offseason. 

La Birreria put on the table a selection of finest beers, while we tried to reproduce the Tournament spirit: R3T a.k.a. The Prez a.k.a. Big Booties Hall of Famer at the deck all night long, dropping the heaviest shit as always. Some visuals on the big screen, some gadgets and merchandise and some prints all around the club gave us an excuse to cheer and chill with all the family. 

We really need to say an enormous THANK YOU to all the fams that came and support. Even if it’s been the first time for us putting on something during the offseason, it feels SO GOOD to see you guys come and support the movement. 

We love you all!

Here’s some little snaps of yesterday night, by our big homie Paolo.