1on1 Championship 2K18 – 1st Semis: Slim Lillo VS Young Jelly

We all remember this unforgettable match.. the first semis of the 1on1 tournament powered by Verse One Federation during the 2k18 Finals.

Nicolò Bosis a.k.a. YOUNG JELLY, a rookie both in the tournament and in V1F, versus Lorenzo Recalcati, a.k.a. SLIM LILLO, a third year vet at Booties with countless 1on1 matchups in his background.

Quickness, ball handling, scoring ability and jelly layups as go-to-move against size, great skills, deadly long range shooting and a ruthless post fadeaway shot.. the whole thing set up in the amazing frame of the Finals.

Davis vs Goliath on a 1on1 ball game? MUST WATCH