There we go, we did it again. 

We produced a new shirt for the homies who want to support us. Once again, it’s a bold statement about what we expect you to do when you come at the Tournament. BRING YOUR A-GAME, a moniker that pretty much sums up what are your duties once you step on the court: to win, to lose, that doesn’t matter. What really does is playing your heart out, have fun, prove your game, and the crowd will be ready to cheer for you. 

Those who know us probably got where the concept of this shirt comes from. And yes, we like to praise our roots, and with this logic we will drop the most important lines here:

“I can’t believe another year has gone by – And still nothing, as if we don’t even try – And there’s nothing to be proud of – And nothing you can stand by. – IT’S TIME TO BELIEVE”

Message us on our social pages to buy – Grab yours before it’s too late!