1 ON 1 GAME for the scoring title!

Let’s just cut to the chase: who could predict such an ending?

Yesterday night unthinkable happened, and we could instantly see the plot. Imagine if one day you wake up, thinking it’s just another day, then you turn to your night table and there you go: Steven Spielberg gifted you of his last screenplay and you are now ready to make a historic blockbuster. 

Yesterday night Marco Passerini played a stunning DAY4, he carried team WHAT IF? (orphan of “Slim Lillo” Recalcati) on his shoulder, scoring 28 big points and leading to a big comeback against one of the best teams of the pack. 

28 points we said… this means him and Daniele Quartieri from team USMATE MILANO are now tied with 28. 

We decided to put one against the other in a 1on1 game for the scoring title. 

It’s gonna happen tonight at 11.00 PM, right before the final game of the Tournament, in front of the outstanding crowd. 

We are way too hyped up, this is what we expect from this ball game. Studs going at each other unreservedly. 

11.00 PM o’clock. Come and witness yourself.