Scoring Title 1on1 Game – Video OUT NOW!

Here we go. 

We promised we would have done our best to edit and upload the Scoring Title 1on1 Game video as soon as possible, and we did. 

We posted the game on our official Youtube channel and we link it down here on the bottom of the post. 

It is clearly expressed in the video itself, but we would like to apologise again if some of the footages are not that great. We were really caught into the game and into the situation itself so we did our best to make shots as professional as possible… even though sometimes we failed at it! You know, the hype and stuff… 

Another thing we need to do is to say THANK YOU again to our Verse One Federation buddies from Austin – Texas, to give us the chance to use the brand to push the 1on1 movement with this game.

Here’s the game anyways…

…are you not entertained?!