DAY3 – Who’s spinnin’?

Let’s talk about what’s gonna happen tonight at the deck… but first of all, a great big THANK YOU goes out to Bummer and Maekl Jordn to set the Finest on fire yesterday night. 

How about tonight?

Tonight is gonna be plain OLD SKULL… 

® Joe Cagliostro ® – Bergamo old school hip-hop all-arounder, both on stage and on the court, he plays every position with virtuosity. MC and DJ with contagious hype, his heart bleeds purple and gold, while his hands wander on the deck between party bangers and old school classics. 

You think this is it? Tonight we are going to make an experiment, something we haven’t tried yet at the Tournament: a rap showcase in-between games. 

Reaper Knight Crew  Rap collective from Bergamo founded in 2k16, limb of the Desperado Crew with four active members. 

Get ready to have your ass blasted even tonight!