We put on for the homies!

This is the only off day of week 2, and we need to take our time to talk about this year edition, before we start updating results and stats…

Six years ago, only for the joy of representing who we are, and how we intend the game and the entertainment that comes with it, we started all of this Big Booties Tournament thing. There was no banner, no fancy layout, no stage and not even a court. But you were there, many of you were always there.

After six years you are still here with us, and you keep showing you are part of it, just like we do. So when you come at the Finest, and with a high five, a hug, or when you show us love with a post on the gram, we can only remember we do all of this for you. Because to keep representing what we believe in, and to see that there is peeps that share the vision with us… well this leads us to the certainty that we need to push forward, we need to try to help the movement grow to keep meeting people that share the passion with us. And this stands way above any other dynamic that might drive this kind of events.  

So shoutouts to Joe Cagliostro, who brought back the old school last night… it was like witnessing a “Oak” Oakley comeback in this league of pussies. And shoutouts to young bulls from Reaper Knight Crew, with their oversized shirt and angry flows they spitted a lot of facts showing there’s still hope for young generations, in this era where appearance and all of those bullshits are trends. 

And most of all shoutouts to all of you that come supporting on any given night. Stay TRUE TO THE GAME and keep staying with us till the end of this unbelievable edition!